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Sharpen to Soften

As a young teacher my verbalized desire for my students was, “As your minds sharpen, may your hearts soften.”  Expand your knowledge, grow in wisdom, and develop a larger understanding and openess to the world around you. Transitioning to a … Continue reading

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My HelloMornings Journey

In April 2013, after chasing more hours in my day,  I decided to “maximize my morning” and focus on “God. Plan. Move.” with the international, online community called HelloMornings where like minded women gather to encourage each other as they pursue these goals.  … Continue reading

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Made in our Image

We the people find ourselves in a presidential election where the two major candidates are seriously flawed. We the people are angry and frustrated with the choice to be made. Our government and politics are merely a reflection of us. … Continue reading

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Sunday meditation

I don’t want to rely on my own feeble ways.  God, be my strength!  In my heart may there be open pathways always connecting me to God.   How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, In whose … Continue reading

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I Just Have to Share

The following links have been meaningful to me this past week.  I would love to know what you think. It is important to walk through the darkness of Passion Week so we can enjoy the light of Easter. Dr. David … Continue reading

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Journey with Jesus

Originally posted on Sharpen to Soften:
Know Jesus?  If so, you’re on a journey with Him- one marked by level plains, arduous hills, mountain tops, and dark valleys.  Jesus is our best traveling companion because He has experienced it all…

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Pondering a Pauline Prayer

“My prayer is that as your minds sharpen, your hearts will soften.”  These are words that I shared with my World History and World Geography students at the start of a school year or semester.  I wanted my students to … Continue reading

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