Holy Week at Home: Hands-On Resource for Families

On the cusp of Holy Week 2021, we continue to encounter challenges and opportunities, I am choosing to look for the blessings. Blessings abound in God’s Word, a place where I can experience more of Him.

Palm Sunday (March 28, 2021) marks the beginning of Holy Week. Now, is the perfect time to make plans to commemorate the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. Holy Week presents Christians with an opportunity to revisit and remember the depths of Jesus’ redeeming love.

Journey with Jesus

Journey with Jesus is a lesson created for children’s ministry use that is easily adaptable for home use. Through scripture-reading, activities and personal reflection, this resource helps families follow Jesus’ steps to the cross— steps He took, never retreating, to redeem us from sin and death. 

Journey with Jesus Links

The Journey with Jesus experience is comprised of three parts: the lesson plan, the map, and the “destinations.” Using the resources below, a family can easily create stations around the home. Visit one or two “destinations” a day or all of them at once.

Journey with Jesus Lesson Plan: You’ll need one lesson plan per family. Be sure to read through the lesson plan in its entirety to see how all of the parts work together and decide what adaptations you’d like to make so this plan works for your situation. This plan was originally written to work with The Story for Children: A Storybook Bible, by Max Lucado, Randy Frazee and Karen Davis Hill, but the lessons will work well independently from The Story for Children.

Journey with Jesus Map: You’ll need one map per participant. Each participant will draw a predetermined, easy-to-draw symbol on the map as each “destination” is visited. When complete, participants will have a reusable Holy Week map and scripture guide.

Destination Resources: As you proceed on your journey you’ll make stops at various “destinations.” Each “destination” has a picture illustrating a particular scene, a scripture to read, and a symbol to copy onto the map. Click the links below to retrieve and print the resource for each destination.

Should you download these resources, will you please be sure to let me know and how you plan to use them?  I’d also love to hear how using these resources blessed your Holy Week experience.



About Cheli Sigler

A teacher through-and-through, I am pursuing my God-given purpose through writing, mentoring and leading from my home base in sunny Orlando, FL.
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