HelloMornings’ 30 Day Challenge

God. Plan. Move.

It is a way of life when you are part of the HelloMornings community, as I have been for six years. In between Bible study sessions, we invite women to participate in a 30 day challenge that focuses on simple steps to create morning routine that incorporates time in God’s Word, purposeful planning, and physical movement.

The following is reposted from the HelloMorning’s Community Facebook page. My friend, Joyce, wrote the following blurb and hosts our community Facebook page. Click here to join us on Facebook.

The 30-Day Challenge is all about giving you a kickstart for the morning – to build habits that will help you through the day whatever season you are in. Hello Mornings is not necessarily about waking up early but waking up for your life.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with all of you for the next 30 days!We’ll meet here each day to check in on how our morning went, what worked, what we need to work on, and encourage one another

Minute 1: GodTime – Read, write, recite, or pray Psalm 143:8.

Minute 2: PlanTime – Review calendar for the day.

Minute 3: MoveTime – Drink a glass of water.

Note: If you got these things down, add one thing to build your morning habits.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining us.



About Cheli Sigler

A teacher through-and-through, I am pursuing my God-given purpose through writing, mentoring and leading from my home base in sunny Orlando, FL.
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