Made in our Image

We the people find ourselves in a presidential election where the two major candidates are seriously flawed. We the people are angry and frustrated with the choice to be made.

Our government and politics are merely a reflection of us. These two candidates are our creation; they reflect who we are. Our response?  We point our fingers and hold our nose. 

This our problem. What are we going to do about it?  What are you going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? 


About Cheli Sigler

Finding and uncovering purpose in the roles of wife, mother, educator, and follower of Christ.
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2 Responses to Made in our Image

  1. kalconz says:

    Finally got a chance to rad my emails. Thanks for posting about this subject. Glad to know other level headed christians are thinking about this. I have actually written quite a bit about this whole issue myself, mostly in response to stupid articles my cousin among other people keep posting… It’s driving me nuts…. I loose sleep over it. I have a feeling we might have some of the same views, regardless, It would be nice to hear you and matt’s perspective sometime.


    • Cheli Sigler says:

      I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I do not like the choices, but I must make the best choice I can. In the future I think I need to be more vocal about quality candidates and showing support for them.

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