I Just Have to Share

The following links have been meaningful to me this past week.  I would love to know what you think.

It is important to walk through the darkness of Passion Week so we can enjoy the light of Easter. Dr. David Swanson’s Palm Sunday sermon: The Darkness and the Light.


Short on time? Here’s the crescendo ending of Dr. Swanson’s sermon: Sunday is Coming!

I just love Ann Voskamp, and this post about an unjust world moved me:

You can either ruminate like a beast over the injustice of it all, till you feel some literal heartburn and the scorch of the whole thing searing off real layers of your soul —  or you can plow the pain into purpose

Read the whole post here.  While you are there check out her posts from this week- they’re all good.

In Orlando and need a place to go to celebrate Jesus’ triumph over sin and death? Join me and the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando at the Dr. Philip’s Center of the Performing Arts at 9 and 11 a.m. Get all of the details at Easter in the City.


Resurrection blessings,


About Cheli Sigler

Finding and uncovering purpose in the roles of wife, mother, educator, and follower of Christ.
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