It was a beautiful day on the playground.  My daughter and her friend, just first graders, were swinging side by side.  Little did they know, but they were on a path toward a head-on collision.  Not swing crashing into swing, but a clash of worldviews.

“I don’t believe in God.”

“But, you have to!  He created you!”

“No, my mommy and daddy made me.”

Young or old, rich or poor, known or unknown; each has a worldview– a set of core beliefs that provide the view to our understanding, interpretation and response to life’s questions.

Where did we come from?   Why are we here?

What is the nature of man?   What happens when we die?

These BIG questions have answers, and the answers to these questions are woven into our society, culture, history, and science.  The answers are on tv, the radio, at the movie theater, and in books.  The answers are found in our worldVIEW.

Three worldviews vie for dominance today: Naturalism, New Age Pantheism, and Christian Theism.  I look forward to exploring these worldviews and their impact on our lives as I begin a series on worldviews.



I just finished writing, “View,” as a party of the Five Minute Friday challenge– writing for five minutes without worrying about editing and re-writing.  Join me by clicking on the Five Minute Friday button.


About Cheli Sigler

Finding and uncovering purpose in the roles of wife, mother, educator, and follower of Christ.
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9 Responses to View

  1. shortybear says:

    Appreciate you sharing.

  2. Definitely amazing how young these viewpoints start to be important, not just in shaping us, but in realting to each other. Interesting take on FMF. Thanks!

  3. bgmartin119 says:

    So important to be aware of how our world view impacts the way we think and act. I’m wondering if any of us fit into just one category? I want the Bible to inform my world view, but there are so many other influences that add to the way I see things, even if I’m not aware of it and think that I have a Christian worldview.

    • Cheli Sigler says:

      I’m hoping to delve into that in the weeks to come. I think many of us would like to think that we’re consistent in our Christian worldview, but often the others make their way in without us really noticing. Thanks for reading and sharing!


  4. Mia says:

    Dear Cheli
    I have found that when we study all these different views we are so much more prepared to talk to its adherents when we get the chance and to present the sweet Gospel of Jesus to them!
    Blessings to you from FMF

    • Cheli Sigler says:

      I agree with you, and hope to shed some light and inform my readers in the weeks to come. Thank you for reading, and sharing your thoughts with me.

  5. So true, and so looking forward to reading your thoughts, my friend 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Barbie says:

    It’s so important to know what it is that we believe, and why we believe it. Joining you for the Five Minute Friday.

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